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Rebranding Agency

Strategic Rebrands For Enhanced Presence And Retail Performance.

Our data-driven Path To Performance™ process takes brands through a 30-point framework, including extensive consumer data, expert creative design, and brand testing. Our methodology minimizes subjectivity and risk by optimizing for consumer engagement.



Fortune 500 strategies combined with a proprietary methodology to create unique brand positioning that realizes full market potential.


Rooted in a deep understanding of high-value consumer segments, resulting in a rebrand that drives product trial and fosters repeat purchases.



Utilize data-driven insights and consumer feedback to refine and validate branding, iterating for maximum shelf impact and purchase intent.

Our Rebranding Process

Brand Diagnosis

Brand Diagnosis

Dissect the existing brand to understand its current standing in the market. Leveraging consumer insights and expert evaluations to measure consumer perceptions, the competitive landscape, and market potential. Our comprehensive brand audit offers a clear snapshot of the brand, laying the foundation for a targeted rebranding strategy.

Brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Crafting a brand strategy with distinct positioning, stand-out messaging, and visuals that attract consumers. Our strategy formulation considers the current identity, recall, and equity to retain loyalty. We then tailor the brand’s voice, messaging, and design for optimal purchase intent.

Brand Creative

Brand Creative

Data-driven design process exploring various brand messages through our Pack Words™ testing process. With the most impactful words in place, we design multiple concepts for your brand, including logo, color scheme, and typography.

Brand Validation

Brand Validation

Refining design concepts to final candidates, your product undergoes rigorous consumer testing to validate all elements. Our PREformance™ Purchase intent testing process allows us to fine-tune the rebrand, optimizing it fully for market re-entry.

Company Rebranding

Enhancing the corporate identity to resonate with modern consumer needs and expectations. Ensuring a seamless transition for internal alignment and consumer readiness for the new brand vision.

Product Rebranding

Reinvigorate the product design by tapping into unexplored consumer segments and retail opportunities. Our tailored approach recalibrates your product’s visual and emotional touchpoints to drive fresh interest.

Becoming A Category Contender

Product Rebranding

In the competitive bottled water category, package design branding is the primary way to attract consumers. Evamor, a regional bottled water brand, engaged with our agency to compete nationally. While they offer a premium product, their branding wasn’t capturing the market’s attention. Our team worked to create distinct positioning by telling the brand story and creating a visual appeal that suggests its ability to refresh. 

The result of our efforts is a 300% increase in purchase intent for this brand refresh. Evamor now has reliable data, increasing confidence when taking the brand into new territories.

Becoming a Category Contender

Why Choose SmashBrand.


A process rooted in extensive consumer testing leading to improved product trials, greater distribution, and improved retail performance outcomes.


Decades of experience as founders, brand managers, and retail strategists, working with Fortune-100 CPG brands to increase sales velocity and capture greater market share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your rebranding services differ from other agencies?

SmashBrand is the only rebranding company to offer a full-scope service that includes Fortune500 strategy, award-winning creative, and iterative consumer testing throughout the rebranding process. When you work with SmashBrand, you can be assured that following our Path To Performance™, where we seamlessly combine industry-leading insights with consumer feedback, the result is a brand transformation guaranteed to increase brand performance.

How much do you charge for your rebranding services?

Unlike the traditional branding agency, SmashBrand has developed a proprietary approach to brand development called the Path To Performance™, a roadmap taking brands from conception to retail-ready. Our process includes brand strategy, brand design, and brand testing. A rebranding project start at $25,000.00, but we're happy to discuss unconventional opportunities for promising partnerships.

What company assets does your agency rebrand?

While our Path To Performance™ process speaks specifically to packaging design, our learnings extend to other brand assets. We rebrand logos, websites, event and promotional materials, and digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and updated brand presence across all touchpoints.

How long does the rebranding process take?

When you engage with us for our complete catalog of rebranding services, you can expect a 4-6 month branding process to complete all strategy, design, and testing.

How do you ensure that rebranding will align with our target audience?

Through an iterative process, your brand identity will be refined across multiple testing rounds, pinpointing the brand messaging and visual elements that resonate most with customers.

What Type of Brand Research Do You Perform?

Our company and product rebranding includes a comprehensive research process where we analyze the brand, category, retailers, and consumers to identify the best opportunities to further brand equity and recall.
What Type of Testing Do You Perform?
Baseline Testing
Competitive Landscape Testing
Habits & Attitudes Testing
Brand Positioning Testing
Name Testing
Pack Words™ Testing
Gut Check™ Testing
PREformance™ Diagnostic Concept Testing
PREformance™ Purchase Intent Testing

Our testing services are what distinguish SmashBrand from other rebranding agencies.

How can new branding lead to better market performance?

New branding does not always lead to better market outcomes, so our Path To Performance™ process is critical for a rebrand. Specific to product branding services, Our process focuses on the 5-15 seconds when consumers choose a product in retail stores. These 5-15 seconds are 95% of what influences the consumer's initial purchase.
New branding that follows our methodology is meticulously crafted to capture attention, convey value, and drive purchasing decisions within that crucial 5-15 second window, ensuring that your product stands out and resonates powerfully with consumers during their key moment of choice.

What steps do you take to protect brand recognition?

Our brand research serves to understand the core elements and brand values that have driven your recognition, ensuring they are seamlessly woven into our rebranding strategies. By understanding your brand story, our approach guides decisions to protect and amplify your brand's established market identity.

Can you provide additional case studies to support your rebranding service?

Please visit our works page for specific outcomes clients have achieved from our rebranding service.

What industries do you specialize in for rebranding?

As a rebranding firm, we work with various industries, including food and beverage, pet, cosmetics, technology, and home goods. While our services best fit tangible products in the CPG industry, we are open to discussing these services with other sectors.

How many name concepts do you provide for a rebrand?

The total quantity of rebranding concepts varies from project to project, but 4-8 is the average range. This number will increase when our rebranding services require several rounds of concept testing, where we test narrow variations.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

As a full-service brand development agency, we offer a range of strategy, creative, and testing services. Please visit our design, strategy, and testing pages in the top navigation menu for a complete list of our services.

Can clients provide feedback and be involved in the rebranding process?

We believe in synergy and collaboration with our clients; we involve the internal team throughout rebranding. However, we ask our clients to be receptive to the outcomes based on our research and consumer testing.

Do you provide documentation for in-house teams to maintain brand consistency post-rebrand?

Yes, we provide comprehensive brand guidelines that detail how to utilize and maintain consistency for all brand assets. We design these guidelines to equip in-house teams with the knowledge and tools to ensure brand consistency post-rebrand.

How customizable are your rebranding packages?

While our rebranding packages follow a structured Path To Performance™ process to guarantee a performance lift, there is room for customization to address the nuances of each client's rebranding effort. We recommend discussing your project with our team to understand how we can best align the process with the specific needs and objectives of your project.

Do You Offer A Performance Guarantee?

We guarantee a retail performance lift when you engage with SmashBrand for complete product strategy, design, and testing services that follow the Path To Performance™ process.

What support can we expect post-activation for exploring new market opportunities or brand and product extensions?

After activation, our team is available to assist in evaluating the innovation pipeline, identifying new opportunities, and addressing potential market threats and weaknesses. We also provide guidance on brand architecture to ensure a coherent and impactful brand presence, promoting sustained growth and successful market adaptation for your product.