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Packaging Design Agency

Package design with consumers in mind.
Using consumer insights to design packaging that people prefer. Because pretty’s not enough.
Packaging Design Agency For Pet Products
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Beverage Packaging Design Agency

creative risks.

Too often, packaging designs are chosen because they’re subjectively stylish or the safe option. Instead, we explore a range of creative packaging concepts, then test our designs with real consumers. This means we can take calculated risks that others don’t dare to. Beautiful branding. Backed by data.

Design Services

Identity Systems
Packaging Design
Package Structure
Brand Platform
Concept Development
Product Innovation
Visual Language
In-Store Marketing
Retail Experiences
Club Store Design
Amazon Compliance
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SmashBrand is an amazing packaging design agency that helped our brand disrupt and dominate the market.

Cliff Morgan
Chief Executive Officer, G FUEL

Identity Systems.

Consumer Insights.

Whether you're launching, repositioning, or refreshing your brand, get brand identity systems that engage audiences with a design language and brand narrative that's tested to impress.

Visual Language.

Building the foundation for meaningful connections and recall with your consumers.

Identity Design.

Ensuring your brand’s visual and assets such as logo, color and typography are always on brand.

Brand Narrative.

Crafting a brand story and voice that start conversations and make more connections.

Structural Design.

Structural Design.

We help brands redefine their packaging structural design by emphasizing user experience. We innovate and engineer usable structures and materials to create authentic sensory interactions, and moments of delight in packaging.

Functional Design.

Your customer needs aligned with a smart, functional design.

Suprise and Delight.

Differentiate yourself from competitors and delight consumers.

Unique Experiences.

Design that captures the shopper‘s attention and build brand awareness.

Production Ready.

From concept drawings to manufacturer ready technical solutions.

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Powerful Packaging.

Consumer Insights.

Outshine the competition with creative packaging design that works hard for your brand, sells your benefits, and persuades shoppers to purchase.

Higher Purchase Intent.

Online and in stores with our data-driven design processes.

Expertise Matters

Over 20 years of packaging design agency experience.

Minimize Your Risk.

Maximize shelf disruption and while minimizing your risks.

Featured Work

Private Label.

Rebranding 7-Eleven private label for a new generation of shopper.

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Reduced purchase confusion across products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a packaging design agency?

The role of a packaging design is to create or optimize the product presentation which includes existing brand assets, product claims, distinct messaging, and supporting visual elements. The objective of the packaging design agencies work is to enhance brand perception, increase product trial, encourage repeat purchase, and enhance brand recall for future line extensions. Packaging design services are crucial for brands looking to align with consumer preferences, convey their unique value propositions effectively, and ultimately increase performance on retail shelves.

Why choose SmashBrand over other packaging design agencies?

When you work with SmashBrand, with a dedicated team with a unique blend of expertise and innovation unlike other branding and packaging companies. Our integrated and iterative Path To Performance™ process ensures exceptional design outcomes by combining the strategic insights of former Fortune 100 brand managers, the creative expertise of top design house directors, and stage gate validation from our in-house consumer testing specialists. This collaborative synergy positions us as the best packaging design agency for brands looking to stand out in the crowded CPG retail market.

What are SmashBrand's recognized achievements?

At SmashBrand, our most significant accomplishments are reflected in the impactful results we achieve for our clients. To witness these achievements firsthand, visit our work page, which features a regularly updated Brand Performance Tracker. This tool vividly illustrates the enhancements in purchase intent across various client categories within the CPG industry, showcasing the tangible benefits of our expertise. Additionally, you’ll find compelling before-and-after visuals of our latest client projects. In the realm of packaging design, SmashBrand has consistently been recognized for excellence, receiving multiple GDUSA Packaging Design Awards annually from 2019 through 2024, the 2018 Health + Wellness Design Awards, and the Horizon Interactive Best of Category award. As recognized thought leaders, SmashBrand contributes to industry publications such as ADWEEK, Packaging Digest, and Snacks Magazine. Our leadership team is also frequently invited to speak on podcasts focusing on branding, marketing, and packaging design.

What industries does SmashBrand specialize in?

SmashBrand is best known as a CPG packaging design agency which includes the FMCG and DCG (durable consumer goods) sectors. In FMCG we are recognized as a leading food packaging design agency and beverage packaging design agency. In DCG we have a proven track record for household, automotive, packaged apparel products. Our team's expertise is tailored to meet the unique demands of these industries, ensuring our packaging designs not only capture attention but also resonate deeply with the target audience, driving engagement and sales for brands in the fast-paced consumer goods market, selling through retail channels.

Who will be working on my packaging design project?

Your packaging design project at SmashBrand will be spearheaded by a highly skilled and interdisciplinary team, ensuring a rich blend of creativity, strategy, and market insight. This team includes: Experienced brand development lead with deep experience as CPG brand manager with a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior Creative director with a background in leading high-impact design initiatives who also serves as your dedicated packaging designer who brings your brand's vision to life on the shelf A project manager who ensures seamless execution and alignment with your objectives. Our collaborative approach leverages each member's expertise to deliver packaging solutions that resonate with consumers and drive brand success. A seasoned Consumer Research Specialist, proficient in unveiling consumer insights through tailored studies with targeted groups, ensuring your product's alignment with market needs and enhancing adoption rates. Other SmashBrand team members will work on your project but these will be your direct points of contact.

Do you assist with structural packaging designs?

While SmashBrand specializes in branding and packaging design, we understand the importance of structural packaging in creating distinct packaging solutions. Although we focus on the visual and communicative aspects of packaging design, we can seamlessly collaborate with structural design firms to ensure your packaging is not only visually appealing but also functionally effective. If needed, we're able to make strategic referrals to reputable structural design companies, ensuring your custom packaging needs are fully met from concept to shelf.

Who owns the rights to my packaging once the project is complete?

Upon the completion of your packaging design project with SmashBrand, you retain full ownership rights to the final packaging design. When we partner with you as your branding and packaging company, our goal is to empower your brand with standout packaging solutions, after which all intellectual property rights related to the packaging design are transferred to you. This ensures that you have the freedom to use and adapt your packaging as you see fit, further solidifying your brand's presence in the market.

How do I know if the packaging concepts work with other products in my portfolio?

To ensure that new packaging concepts harmoniously integrate with your existing product portfolio, we leverage insights from our comprehensive brand audits, baseline testing, and other evaluative methodologies. Our experts meticulously assess how each new package, product messaging, and graphic design element complements and enhances your brand's visual identity across all products. This process involves a detailed evaluation of documentation, brand assets, and market positioning, ensuring that each addition not only stands out on its own but also strengthens the collective impact of your product range. This strategic alignment helps maintain brand cohesion, enhancing your brand's recognition and appeal in the market.

Do the packaging concepts come with a logo?

Yes, our package design process can include logo design as part of the data-driven branding and packaging solution we provide. Our team ensures that the logo and package design are cohesively developed to reflect your brand's identity and values, elevate future brand recall, and enhance the overall appeal of your product on the shelves.

Do you provide us with a brand style guide at the end of the project so we know how to use our new packaging?

Yes, as your product packaging design agency, a brand style guide can be included if it is part of the project scope. This guide would serve as a comprehensive "playbook" for your brand, encompassing clear and concise documentation on brand positioning, key messaging, the benefit ladder, brand manifesto, consumer growth target, and other essential materials. This resource is designed to promote strategic consistency across design, advertising, and other aspects of your marketing strategy, ensuring long-term brand consistency as your team members and external agencies evolve over time​​.

What is your design philosophy and how do you ensure that it aligns with my brand's identity?

Our design philosophy at SmashBrand is deeply rooted in a data-driven process that emphasizes strategic brand positioning and iterative testing to ensure optimal purchase intent and maximum shelf impact. By gathering data and analyzing critical aspects of the consumer category and competition, we lay a solid foundation for understanding and uncovering insights that drive strategy. Our iterative approach, which includes multiple rounds of concept designs and consumer testing, ensures that your brand's offerings are optimized and poised to succeed on shelf. This methodology integrates all accumulated learning and expertise into a clear, concise, and actionable brand positioning statement, ensuring that the design not only reflects your brand's essence but also resonates with your target audience, reinforcing your brand strategy​​.

Can you show me examples of successful packaging designs you’ve created for other brands in my industry?

Yes, we can showcase a variety of successful packaging design case studies from other brands within your industry. Our portfolio includes a range of projects where we've leveraged our data-driven approach, strategic brand positioning, and iterative testing to create impactful packaging solutions that resonate with target audiences and drive brand success.

How do you balance aesthetics with functionality in your packaging designs?

At SmashBrand, our design philosophy is rooted in balancing aesthetics with functionality through a strategic and data-driven process. Once brand positioning is complete, our design approach begins by developing and testing product messaging with our PREformance™ PackWords test, ensuring that the packaging design effectively communicates the brands position. We then transition to the design phase, carefully retaining white space for both messages and design elements, allowing them to resonate deeply with consumers and enhance the overall packaging effectiveness. Our approach is not common even amongst other top packaging design companies.

What is the process for iterations and feedback on designs?

Our process for iterations and feedback on designs is centered around a stage gate approach, involving multiple rounds of design and consumer testing to confirm the best way to move forward in the design process. This ensures that the product design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized to win at the shelf. Feedback is continuously integrated throughout the process, allowing for adjustments and refinements to align with your brand's identity and market needs​​.

What is the required investment to engage with your packaging design agencyt?

All of SmashBrand’s packaging design services follow our proprietary Path To Performance™ process, ensuring a strategic and results-driven approach to every project. Costs to work with our strategic packaging and branding agency can range from $25,000 to $500,000 for most projects, depending on the scope and complexity of the work required. This process has proven effective across various industries, as evidenced by our work as a packaging design company for brands like Red Gold, where we identified a distinct market niche that resulted in a remarkable increase in sales velocity​​.

How long does the Path To Performance™ packaging design process take?

The Path To Performance™ packaging design process typically spans 2-5 months. This timeline allows us to thoroughly apply our strategic approach, which includes in-depth research, creative design development, and iterative consumer testing, to ensure the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations for increasing product trial and repeat purchase. This process underscores our commitment as the leading CPG packaging design company to delivering excellence in every project.

What other branding services do you offer?

We initiate our projects with a Diagnosis phase, where we gather and analyze data on the category, consumer, and competition. This phase helps us understand the current landscape and identify new insights to inform strategy. Following this, our Trend Assessment uncovers consumer and category insights using secondary sources and primary observations, aiding in the development of a value proposition and brand positioning. Reference the bottom of this page where we have a full list of services. In addition to these foundational services, When required by a client our offerings include a broader spectrum of branding work such as web design, trade show booth design, POP and in-store displays. These additional services complement our core offerings, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive branding strategy that spans both physical and digital touchpoints. As a leading packaging design firm and branding company, we are equipped to handle all aspects of your brand's visual and strategic presentation​​​​.

What services does SmashBrand not offer?

At SmashBrand, our focus is primarily on the strategic and creative aspects of product branding, specifically within the scope of packaging design and development. While we excel in areas such as brand audits, strategy development, and iterative design processes, we do not engage in brand activation and marketing campaigns. This means services traditionally offered by a creative agency who work on your digital strategy which may include social media marketing, content marketing, web development, and website development, fall outside our direct offerings. Our expertise is concentrated on ensuring your product stands out through compelling packaging and branding, leveraging our deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.