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Brand & Product Naming Agency

Crafting Standout Names with a Data-Driven Strategy.

Strategic Product and brand Naming, where meticulous analysis of extensive datasets reshapes the process of creating compelling brand identities for businesses.


Crafting distinctive names that captivate your target audience and eclipse competitors.

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Creating unforgettable names that spark virality and foster repeat purchases.

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Developing versatile names that facilitate brand growth for seamless line extensions.


Our Naming Process

in depth research
Strategic Evaluation:

Based on consumer feedback alongside our expertise, we assess names based on memorability, relevance, and differentiation. Our naming scorecard provides an objective picture to ensure your strategy resonates with the audience, providing a clear path forward.

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Positioning Assessment:

Effectively differentiate exceptional product names from weaker options by evaluating them on key attributes, including appeal, creativity, relevance, and more, resulting in a name that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand’s identity.

Testing Validation:

Increase the likelihood of your product’s success by employing consumer testing to discover the perfect name. By analyzing how your target market perceives each potential name, we ensure that it aligns seamlessly with your brand strategy.

Brand Naming

Powerful brand names that communicate your company’s unique value proposition and nurture strong emotional connections with the target audience. Our process meticulously researches, brainstorms, and tests to create evocative, memorable brand names that align perfectly with your brand values.

Product Naming

Crafting distinctive names that embody your product’s essence and capture the target audience’s imagination for emotional resonance and a lasting impact. Our process ensures each product name is unique, descriptive, easy to pronounce, and unforgettable.

From Puppies to People.

Brand Extension Naming

Initially designed for canine companions, the beloved Snuggle Puppy brand sought to provide the same soothing solution for humans. Recognizing the product’s appeal to families with anxious and special needs children, we crafted the evocative name ‘Snuggle Puppy Hero’ tailored for human comfort.

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Why Choose SmashBrand.


A process rooted in extensive consumer testing leading to improved product trials, greater distribution, and improved retail performance outcomes.


Decades of experience as founders, brand managers, and retail strategists, working with Fortune-100 CPG brands to increase sales velocity and capture greater market share.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Role Does Naming Play In The Overall Branding Strategy?

A brand and product name are the words most responsible for developing and nurturing brand recognition. In a branding strategy, names must be carefully considered as individual components and as a part of a complete brand architecture. Brand name creation is a vital component of this process. It involves crafting a name that encapsulates the brand's identity and values while being memorable, pronounceable, and evocative for the target audience. The right brand name enhances recall, fosters positive associations, and differentiates the brand in a crowded marketplace.
The brand name also plays a pivotal role in forming the brand's visual identity. It's the name that inspires elements such as logo design, typography, and color palette, creating a unified and consistent brand image. The interplay between brand name creation and visual identity is vital to long-term branding, as these elements work together to present a cohesive picture of the brand in a consumer's mind.
In essence, the brand name forms the cornerstone of the brand's story, and the visual identity builds an engaging and distinctive narrative. Thus, naming plays a significant role in the overall branding strategy, laying a solid foundation for brand positioning, consumer perception, and, ultimately, brand success.

How much do you charge for product and brand naming services?

Unlike the traditional product and brand naming agency, SmashBrand has developed a proprietary approach to brand development called the Path To Performance™, a roadmap taking brands from conception to retail-ready. Our process includes brand strategy, brand design, and brand testing. Projects start at $25,000.00, but we're happy to discuss unconventional opportunities for promising partnerships.

How Long Does The Product & Brand Naming Process Take?

Speaking specifically to our role as a naming agency, the process in isolation will take approximately 1-month to complete. When you engage with us for full brand development services, you can expect a 4-6 month process to complete all strategy, design, and testing services.

Do you offer brand and product renaming?

Yes. Our agency will perform a complete brand diagnosis and consumer research to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current name. This process creates a solid foundation for performing product or brand renaming services.

How do you ensure the brand name aligns with our target audience?

Through an iterative process, our brand and product naming services undergo several rounds of refinement, where we create naming concepts tested with consumers who fit your target audience.

What Type of Brand Research Do You Perform?

Our product and brand naming process includes a comprehensive research process where we analyze the brand, category, retailers, and consumers to identify the best opportunities for creating a stand-out name. This process is a part of every brand strategy service we offer at SmashBrand.

What Type of Testing Do You Perform?

We perform performance naming services where a list of questions is presented to consumers while they view a list of potential names. We then ask these individuals to decide based on the question. Our in-house testing allows our strategy, creative, and testing teams to work hand in hand.

How can improved naming lead to better market performance?

A compelling and memorable brand name can resonate with consumers, leading to increased brand recognition, higher purchase intent, and stronger customer loyalty.

Can you provide additional case studies to support your naming service?

Please visit our works page for examples of our product and brand naming service.

What industries do you specialize in for brand and product naming?

As a brand naming agency, we work with various industries, including food and beverage, pet, cosmetics, technology, and home goods. While our services best fit tangible products in the CPG industry, we are open to discussing these services with other sectors.

Can you help us with the proposed names' trademark and domain availability checks?

Yes, we do the basic USPTO checks for conflicts and registration barriers while presenting domain name availability.

How many name concepts do you typically provide for each product?

The total quantity of concepts varies from project to project, but 4-8 is common for naming ideas. In some cases, our naming services require several rounds of testing, where we present additional concepts based on our learnings from the first test.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

As a full-service brand development agency, we offer a range of strategy, creative, and testing services. In addition to naming new products, we perform. Please visit our design, strategy, and testing pages in the top navigation menu for a complete list of our services.

Can clients provide feedback and be involved in the naming process?

As a naming firm, we believe in synergy and collaboration with our clients to develop the best brand and product name. However, we ask our clients to be receptive to the outcomes of our name-testing services.

Do You Offer A Performance Guarantee?

We guarantee a retail performance lift when you engage with SmashBrand for complete product strategy, design, and testing services that follow the Path To Performance™ process.