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PREformance™ Packaging Baseline Test

Know how your current brand design performs with consumers.

Benchmark your current packaging design against your key competitors by evaluating consumer perceptions across category attributes. This packaging-led perception test provides valuable insights into your brand’s strengths and weaknesses while discovering new threats and opportunities. We use this data to create a targeted “hit list” of where to improve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want to test my current pack when I know it needs to be changed?

The objective is to gauge consumer perceptions of your brand's existing visual identity. What elements resonate positively with them (which we should consider retaining)? Which aspects aren't quite hitting the mark (highlighting areas for enhancement)? How credible do they find your product's promise (ensuring it strikes the perfect balance of believability and appeal)? Collating these insights provides a robust foundation for our strategy, setting the stage for more impactful outcomes.

What is a packaging baseline test intended to do?

A packaging baseline test is designed to systematically evaluate and benchmark the current packaging design of a brand against its key competitors. This involves assessing consumer perceptions across various category attributes to understand how the brand's packaging is perceived in terms of appeal, functionality, message clarity, and overall effectiveness in comparison to its competitors. The insights gained from this test help in identifying the brand's strengths and weaknesses in its packaging, uncovering potential threats and opportunities, and formulating a targeted strategy for improvement. This process is crucial in ensuring that the packaging design effectively communicates the brand's value proposition and stands out in a competitive market environment.

Why does my brand need a packaging baseline test?

Your brand requires a packaging baseline test to safeguard and potentially enhance its brand equity. In the competitive landscape of consumer packaged goods, packaging is a critical touchpoint for brand resonance and recall. Without a baseline test, there's a risk of your brand's packaging becoming misaligned with consumer expectations and market trends, which can lead to a decline in brand recognition and loyalty. The test helps identify if your packaging is leveraging its distinct assets effectively or if it's inadvertently diminishing the brand's perceived value. In essence, it's a proactive measure to ensure that your brand's visual identity remains relevant, appealing, and distinctive in the eyes of your target consumers, thereby maintaining and potentially increasing its market presence and consumer affinity.

How does a package baseline test guide SmashBrand through my project?

A package baseline test is a pivotal tool for SmashBrand in guiding your project, as it provides critical insights into brand positioning and category innovation. By evaluating how your current packaging is perceived in comparison to competitors, we gain a deep understanding of where your brand stands in the market. This understanding informs strategic decisions in brand positioning, ensuring your brand differentiates itself effectively and resonates with your target audience. Furthermore, insights from the test reveal opportunities for innovation within your category, guiding product development and packaging design. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the brand—from the visual appeal of the packaging to its market positioning—aligns with consumer expectations and trends, driving growth and strengthening your brand's market presence.

How much does a packaging baseline test cost?

At SmashBrand, packaging baseline testing is just one of the capabilities within our Path To Performance™ methodology. When following our proven process the scope of work ranges from $25,000 to $500,000, depending on the project size and the extent of consumer testing required.

What other services does your agency offer?

The Path To Performance™ methodology at SmashBrand integrates a variety of services, beginning with an initial diagnostic phase and advancing through to the final stages of packaging and design refinement. Key components of this process include comprehensive competitive audits, insightful trend assessments, detailed retail audits, evaluative packaging baseline tests, strategic brand development, focused consumer targeting, and precise brand positioning. For more information on our full suite of services, including brand and retail audits, we invite you to explore the additional resources available in the footer links on our website.

How long does it take to complete a packaging baseline test?

Completing a packaging baseline test typically spans a focused period of approximately 2 weeks, which is a concise yet crucial phase within the broader Path to Performance™ process. This test is an integral part of a more comprehensive 4-6 month journey, where it serves as a foundational step in understanding current market perceptions and positioning. The insights gleaned from this test are pivotal in guiding subsequent phases of brand strategy, design, and optimization, thereby ensuring that each step is informed by concrete data and consumer feedback. This structured timeline allows for a thorough yet efficient approach to refining and elevating your brand's packaging and overall market presence.