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Preformance Positioning Test

PREformance™ Positioning Test

Confidently predict market potential.

Our proprietary testing methodology pinpoints the brand positioning idea statements with the highest in-market potential. By calculating and scoring the purchase strength and resonance factors across multiple positioning routes this predictive analysis ensures that your marketing efforts are focused only on winning strategies.

Confidently predict market potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brand Positioning Test?

A Brand Positioning Test is a crucial component of market research aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the brand positioning statement among its target audience. To validate qualitative research, this test assesses how well the brand's value proposition and brand promise resonate with consumers, ensuring the branding strategy is aligned with audience expectations. The process involves gathering feedback on the brand's positioning to refine and strengthen its market stance, ultimately guiding strategic decisions in marketing and product development.

What are the benefits of Brand Position Testing?

Brand Position Testing plays a pivotal role in shaping a successful brand positioning strategy, by ensuring the brand resonates effectively with its target audience. This process provides valuable insights into: Brand awareness Brand perception Brand recall Brand loyalty Effective brand positioning sets a brand and its products apart from the competitor set. Ultimately, it optimizes and enhances product marketing efforts (which begins on-shelf), contributing to an increase in market share.

Who should engage in PREformance™ Brand Position Testing?

Companies across various industries, especially CPG brands competing in retail, should prioritize Brand Position Testing in their strategic planning. This testing is crucial for refining product development and ensuring alignment with the target market and ideal customer's expectations. Strategic product positioning is particularly vital for CPG brands to differentiate their offerings and achieve a competitive edge in the fast-paced retail environment, thus testing to validate a position before moving forward with further brand development.

How much does a PREformance™ Brand Positioning Test cost?

The cost of this test which is an integral component for achieving strong brand positioning and resonating with the target customer, is variable within the broader spectrum of the Path To Performance™ brand development process, which typically ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. This variance is due to the specific needs of the project, including the depth of our research service, scale and frequency of consumer testing, and design refinement necessary to pinpoint the most effective positioning strategy. For precise cost estimation, book a call with our team.

How long does a Brand Positioning Test take to complete?

A Brand Positioning Test, crucial for establishing effective brand positioning after detailed brand positioning research is complete, testing typically takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete. However, it's a component of the comprehensive Path To Performance™ process, which spans 3-6 months.

Can you share examples of past PREformance™ Brand Position Tests you have performed for clients?

While the data from Brand Position Tests is owned exclusively by the client, preserving their confidentiality and proprietary insights, you can explore the outcomes of our Path To Performance™ process on our work page. This will provide a broader understanding of how our strategic approach translates into tangible results for brands.

What other brand development services does your agency offer?

Our agency offers a comprehensive suite of brand development services beyond brand strategy, including market analysis, consumer behavior research, competitive auditing, creative brand identity design, and iterative consumer testing. These services are designed to build a robust foundation for your brand, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and stands out in the competitive landscape. See the bottom of this page for a full list of services.