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Market Mapping

Define how we will look at the world, and where the white space is.

Reveal untapped opportunities in the competitive landscape with a visual map that highlights consumer needs and brand attributes, guiding your brand to a distinct & ownable market position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is market mapping?

Market Mapping is a strategic analysis tool used to visualize a brand's positioning within the competitive landscape, highlighting areas for market growth and responding to emerging market trends. By creating a positioning map, companies can identify untapped opportunities and differentiate themselves within the CPG market, ensuring a unique and compelling value proposition in a crowded marketplace. This approach helps brands navigate complex market dynamics and align their offerings with consumer expectations and industry shifts​​.

What are the benefits of market mapping?

The benefits of Market Mapping include gaining valuable insights into how your brand is perceived relative to competitors, which is crucial for refining your marketing strategy. Perceptual mapping, a key component of market mapping, aids in visualizing these perceptions, guiding more informed decisions regarding positioning to enhance market share. It helps brands understand their standing in the market, identify gaps, and capitalize on opportunities to better meet consumer needs and preferences​​.

How do you choose where my product should sit in the market?

To determine where your product should be positioned in the market, we utilize a market map, which involves comprehensive competitor analysis and identifying distinct market segments. This approach helps in understanding the competitive landscape and consumer preferences within each segment, allowing for strategic placement of your product to meet specific consumer needs and stand out from competitors​​.

Is market mapping for my brand or product?

Market Mapping, enriched with market intelligence, is designed to benefit both your brand and individual products. It provides insights into the broader brand positioning within the competitive landscape, as well as the strategic placement of specific products to meet target market needs and preferences​​.

What if I offer different products under the same brand?

When offering different products under the same brand, market research becomes crucial to understanding each product's unique value proposition and target market. This research helps in strategically positioning each product within the brand's portfolio, ensuring they complement each other and meet diverse consumer needs without cannibalizing sales​​.

How do I know where you strategically place me in the market is accurate?

The accuracy of your market positioning is validated through a data-driven approach, including comprehensive market research and analysis of your target market. This ensures that the placement reflects current market dynamics and consumer preferences, providing a reliable guide for your brand strategy​​. Further along in the Path To Performance™ process, our positioning test, concept test, and purchase intent test are points of validation that proves the effectiveness of our market mapping efforts.

How much do market mapping services cost?

The cost of effective market mapping services is part of our Path To Performance™ process, which can range from $25,000 to $500,000, depending on the project scope. This investment ensures a comprehensive and strategic approach to positioning your brand and products within the market, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals​​.

Do you have examples of your marketing mapping services?

Yes, we have a collection of market mapping examples and case studies showcasing our work with CPG brands. You can explore these on our work page to see the tangible results and the impact of our market mapping services on brand positioning and market growth​​.

How long does it take to complete market mapping?

The market mapping process typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete. However, it is a crucial part of our comprehensive Path To Performance™ process, which on average spans 3-6 months. This ensures a thorough analysis and strategic foundation for your brand's market positioning and growth strategy​​.