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Naming Test

PREformance™ Naming Test

Identify which names best represent your brand.

Increase the likelihood of your product’s success by employing consumer testing to discover the perfect name. By analyzing how your target market perceives each potential name, we ensure that it aligns seamlessly with your brand strategy. Effectively differentiate exceptional product names from weaker options by evaluating them on key attributes, including appeal, creativity, relevance, and more, resulting in a name that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand’s identity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand name testing and what does it include?

Brand name testing, part of our brand naming methodology, is a rigorous process designed to evaluate each potential brand name's market viability. It encompasses qualitative research to assess how each different name resonates with the target audience. This final aspect of brand name research ensures that the selected name aligns seamlessly with brand strategy, positioning, and audience expectations, distinguishing it from competitors.

Do you offer product name testing?

Yes, we offer product naming services that are tailored to ensure the chosen name resonates well with your target market. This process involves rigorous testing to evaluate how different names perform in terms of market appeal, stand out, and relevance.

How is product name testing different from brand name testing?

Product name testing differs from brand name testing primarily in its focus. While brand name testing assesses the overall suitability of a name for the brand identity and its resonance with the broader market across multiple categories, product name testing is more specific, examining how well a name conveys the product's benefits and features. It typically involves detailed consumer feedback on a potential product name's ability to increase purchase intent, recall, and appeal within a specific product category.

What are the benefits of testing various brand names?

Testing various brand names through brand naming methodologies provides critical insights into how each potential name resonates with the target audience. This process helps distinguish a good name from a great name by evaluating how well names align with brand identity and appeal to potential customers. Ultimately, it ensures that the selected name maximizes shelf impact and connection with the intended audience.

How do you ensure the chosen name is unique and trademarkable?

Before brand name testing, each brand name option is thoroughly evaluated for uniqueness and potential trademark issues. This involves conducting extensive legal searches to ensure that the chosen name can be legally protected, avoiding conflicts with existing trademarks.

What is the testing criteria and consumer sample size?

For testing criteria and consumer sample size, our agency leverages a data-driven approach outlined in our methodology. We engage with a consumer sample size often exceeding 300 targeted category consumers, providing robust quantitative and qualitative feedback. This ensures our market segmentation and consumer insights are comprehensive and accurate, guiding strategic decisions effectively.

What is the investment required to test various brand names?

The investment required to test various brand names as part of our Path To Performance™ process typically ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. This cost variation reflects the depth of the brand naming process, including the scope of research, testing, and the number of brand name options evaluated, tailored to meet the specific needs and scale of the project within our comprehensive brand development strategy.

What is the typical timeline for the naming test?

The naming test typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete and is an integral part of our comprehensive Path to Performance process, which spans 3-6 months. This timeline ensures that the brand naming process is thorough, allowing for deep analysis and strategic alignment with broader brand development goals.

What additional brand development and naming services services does your agency offer?

Our agency offers a suite of brand development services including brand & consumer research, brand strategy formulation, ad brand positioning. These services are complemented by rigorous brand testing to validate every aspect of the packaging design to ensure market distinction and consumer resonance. This holistic approach ensures that every phase from conceptualization to execution aligns with the overarching goals and delivers a strong, cohesive brand identity. You can view a full list of services at the bottom of this page.