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PREformance™ Diagnostic Concept Test

PREformance™ Diagnostic Concept Test

Optimize packaging design to unlock new opportunities.

Evaluate design concepts to gain actionable insights with highly predictive quantitative data and qualitative consumer feedback. By testing concepts using objective KPIs and a massive panel of over 800 targeted consumers, we uncover key drivers, barriers, and untapped potential that influence perceptions and purchase preference. This process allows us to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your packaging design achieves its maximum potential.

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Concept Test
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PREformance Diagnostic Concept Test™?

The PREformance™ Diagnostic Concept Test is a critical step in our Path To Performance™ methodology, designed to optimize packaging and branding strategies based on comprehensive insights gained from previous stages such as market research, competitive analysis, and brand positioning. Our concept testing framework specifically evaluates product concepts within the new product development process, including renovations like a rebrand or packaging refresh, ensuring they resonate with target consumers. By integrating findings from Pack Words™ testing and other preparatory research, the PREformance™ Diagnostic Concept Test provides actionable feedback to refine and enhance product concepts, making it an indispensable tool for successful market introduction and brand evolution.

What is the benefit of a diagnostic concept test?

A diagnostic concept test plays a pivotal role in product development by offering actionable insights that guide the refinement of product concepts before their market launch. This form of product testing evaluates the potential success of new products or variations, ensuring that each concept aligns with consumer expectations and demands. By identifying strengths and areas for improvement early in the product development cycle, diagnostic concept tests help in optimizing products for market fit, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful product launch and minimizing costly revisions post-launch.

How much does a diagnostic concept test cost?

The cost of a diagnostic concept test is an integral component of our Path To Performance™ process which typically ranges from $25,000 to $500,000 per project. This variation in cost is reflective of the depth and breadth of the project, tailored to the specific needs and complexities of each client. The investment ensures a comprehensive evaluation, strategy, design, and testing to drive revenue impacting decisions that enhance market readiness and brand alignment.

What insights can I expect from this test?

Much more than you get from a concept testing survey, this test which simulates the buying experience provides a wealth of consumer insights that are pivotal for understanding what best showcases the brand positioning and product messaging. This test will bring forward the best designs to showcase your product's distinct assets and proposed value proposition resonate emotionally with target consumers. It will provide clear indications of your brand's emotional resonance with consumers, highlighting areas where your messaging connects effectively and where adjustments may be needed. These insights are derived from a thorough analysis, leveraging our comprehensive methodology to ensure that every aspect of your brand and product strategy is aligned with consumer expectations and market opportunities, as outlined in our knowledge source.

How is this test different from PackWords™ concept testing?

The diagnostic concept test focuses more broadly on concept testing research, providing deep consumer insights into the overall appeal and viability of a product concept, unlike PackWords™ concept testing, which specifically evaluates the effectiveness of on-pack messaging and claims in driving consumer interest.

How is this test different from Gut Check Testing?

While Gut Check Testing rapidly gauges participant reactions to a design or concept, often relying on instinctual responses, the diagnostic concept test offers a more detailed analysis of product concept testing, delving into the why behind consumer preferences and perceptions.

How is this test different from Purchase Intent Testing?

Compared to Purchase Intent Testing, which assesses the likelihood of consumers purchasing a single concept based on its appeal, the diagnostic concept test provides a broad evaluation, aiding in concept selection by exploring multiple aspects of a product's potential in the market.

How large is the consumer panel for this test?

For this test, our consumer panel comprises approximately 800 respondents, representing a diverse cross-section of the target market and potential customers. This sizable sample ensures a comprehensive and reliable understanding of consumer perceptions and preferences across various demographics within the target audience.

What if respondents don't like any of the concepts presented?

In the event that respondents do not express a clear preference for any of the concepts presented, the test still yields valuable insights by highlighting the absence of a compelling option. This outcome signals the need for further exploration and iteration of concepts to uncover or develop an option that resonates strongly with the target audience's preferences, ensuring alignment with our Path To Performance™ methodology's emphasis on consumer-driven product development.

How do you ensure the test results are predictive of market behavior?

By engaging a minimum respondent size significantly larger than industry standards and meticulously selecting individuals who precisely fit the target market profile and frequently shop at the key retail channels where the brand is or will be positioned, we ensure our test results are highly predictive of actual market behavior. In fact, we can guarantee it. This approach, rooted in our Path To Performance™ methodology, enhances the reliability and relevance of the insights, providing a robust foundation for strategic decision-making through quantitative and qualitative research, expert design, and multiple points of consumer testing.

What if data says all of my concepts are good, how do we know we're picking the right one?

When data indicates that all concepts are favorable, valuable insight is derived from analyzing the specific aspects or elements within each concept that received high ratings. The objective becomes synthesizing the strengths across all designs, incorporating these successful features into a refined concept for the next iteration or advancing to purchase intent testing. This method ensures the selection of the most compelling concept, leveraging the best attributes identified through consumer feedback, consistent with our Path To Performance™ approach.

Is there a limit to the number of design concepts we can test?

To maximize learning, we narrowed down concepts to 6-8 that we would like to get an in-depth read on. However, if we have lots more potential concepts that we would like to narrow down, we can do concept screening. Read more about the Gut Check test by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

What other brand development services do you offer?

In addition to our comprehensive concept testing, we offer a wide range of data-driven brand development services designed to enhance market positioning and consumer engagement. For a full list of our services, please refer to the footer at the bottom of our website, where you'll find detailed information on how we can support your brand's growth and success through our Path To Performance™ methodology.