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Consumer Targeting

Growth Consumer Targeting

Find & define the highest impact consumers for your brand.

Accelerate your brand’s growth by focusing on the most valuable consumer segments in your category – who aren’t already buying your product – maximizing your potential for incremental growth. By analyzing demographics, behaviors, and preferences, we enable your brand to tailor its marketing and product offerings to effectively engage and attract these high-potential customers, ultimately driving stronger sales performance and market share.

Growth Consumer
Growth Consumer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is growth consumer targeting?

growth consumer targeting is a strategic approach focused on identifying and engaging the most valuable segments within the market who are not currently customers but have the potential to significantly enhance a brand's growth. This method utilizes comprehensive market research to tailor marketing and product strategies effectively to the target audience, driving substantial growth in sales and market share. Market segmentation involves: Demographic Segmentation: Categorizing consumers based on measurable characteristics like age, gender, income, and education to identify high-value segments. Behavioral Segmentation: Understanding consumer behaviors, such as purchase habits and brand interactions, to tailor marketing strategies that resonate with their habits. Preferences Segmentation: Analyzing consumer preferences, desires, and sought-after product features to align marketing messages and product offerings with the specific likes and dislikes of the target segments. By leveraging these segmentation strategies, SmashBrand crafts targeted approaches that not only meet the needs and desires of potential customers but also position the brand for accelerated growth and success in competitive markets.

What are the benefits of growth consumer targeting?

The benefits of Growth Consumer Targeting are substantial for brands looking to enhance their growth marketing efforts. By focusing on customer segmentation, we identify and engage with the most valuable segments within their target market who are not yet customers. This strategic focus enables brands to tailor their marketing campaigns more effectively, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the specific needs, behaviors, and preferences of these high-potential segments. As a result, brands can expect a more efficient allocation of their marketing resources, leading to stronger sales performance and an increase in market share. Essentially, Growth Consumer Targeting empowers brands to make informed, data-driven decisions that maximize the impact of their marketing efforts, leading to sustained growth and competitive advantage.

When working on growth consumer targeting, do you alter my audience if needed, or maintain what I have and grow from there?

When working on growth consumer targeting, the approach is flexible and adaptive, focused on enhancing your positioning and marketing strategy to reach its full potential. Depending on the insights derived from customer data, we may refine your existing customer segmentation to better align with the evolving market and consumer trends, or we might identify new segments within your target customer base that offer untapped growth opportunities. The goal is not necessarily to alter your audience but to enrich your understanding of it, leveraging these insights to expand your customer base effectively. This nuanced approach ensures that your marketing campaigns are always resonant and relevant, driving growth by reaching the right segment of the market with messages that speak to their specific needs and preferences.

How much do your growth consumer targeting services cost?

The cost of our growth consumer targeting services is incorporated into the Path To Performance™ process, which may range from $25,000 to $500,000, depending on the project's scope. This investment is crucial for ensuring a detailed and strategic approach to identifying and engaging the most valuable consumer segments within your category that are not currently purchasing your product. By tailoring marketing strategies and product offerings based on deep consumer insights, this service aims to maximize your potential for incremental growth, making it a vital component of your overall market positioning strategy.

How long of a process is growth consumer targeting?

The process of growth consumer targeting is designed to be both comprehensive and strategic, similar to our market mapping service. While the specific duration can vary based on the project's complexity and scope, identifying and engaging the ideal customer and specific segment within your target market typically integrates into the broader Path To Performance™ process, which on average takes 3-6 months to complete. This timeline ensures a thorough analysis and strategic foundation, allowing for a nuanced approach to expanding your customer base and enhancing your overall growth strategy.

Do you have case studies for where growth consumer targeting made a meaningful difference?

Yes, we have numerous case studies where growth consumer targeting has made a significant impact on our clients' projects. This approach is fundamental to defining the consumer segment a brand will target to grow incremental dollar growth, and we rigorously test against that audience to ensure effectiveness. A prime example is the case with Yucatan Guac, which initially catered to an older demographic. By shifting the growth consumer targeting to a younger audience through strategic planning and design, they witnessed a 54% increase in sales within the millennial demographic. This is just one of the many success stories that underscore the effectiveness of our growth consumer targeting services. For more detailed insights and case studies, please visit our work page, where you'll find comprehensive information on how our services have propelled brands forward, similar to how we identified a distinct niche within the canned tomatoes market for Red Gold, leading to a remarkable 400% increase in sales velocity​​.