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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape Test

Measure consumer perceptions and category brand performance.

Acquire essential insights into consumer perceptions of multiple brands within a category through our quantitative model. By evaluating purchase drivers and significant category attributes, we offer a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape. This data-driven method uncovers growth opportunities, highlights differentiators, and proves valuable for brand stretch and portfolio optimization. This empowers you to make well-informed strategic decisions that propel your brand forward.

Measure Consumer Perception
Measure Consumer Perception

Total market map based on comparisons of attributes – category as a whole, as well as differentiators vs. similarities among brand players

Attribute Perceptions
Attribute Perceptions

Diagnosing individual brand attribute perceptions and comparative strengths vs. weaknesses

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never heard of a competitive landscape test before. What is it?

A Competitive Landscape Test is a vital component of our market research that focuses on understanding your direct competitors in the market. This test involves thorough analysis to assess consumer perceptions of various brands within a specific category, offering an in-depth view of the competitive environment. It helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of direct competitors, which is crucial for developing strategies to differentiate your brand. By evaluating key purchase drivers and significant category attributes, this test provides a comprehensive overview of the market dynamics, aiding in tailoring your branding, messaging, and marketing efforts to effectively address your target market's needs. This method is instrumental in uncovering growth opportunities and highlighting differentiators, enabling informed strategic decisions that enhance your brand’s competitive edge.

What is the benefit of a competitive landscape test?

The benefit of a Competitive Landscape Test lies in its ability to provide the brand or product manager, our creative team, and testing department with valuable insight into the market dynamics, specifically concerning key competitors. This test is serves as part of the foundation that makes up an effective communication and marketing strategy, as it helps to identify and understand the value proposition of competitors, thereby enabling informed decision-making on how to position your brand. By analyzing how potential customers perceive different brands within a category, brand managers can refine their brand's unique selling points to gain a competitive advantage. This knowledge is crucial for tailoring packaging and marketing messages to more effectively resonate with the target audience. Ultimately, the insights gained from a Competitive Landscape Test can significantly contribute to increasing market share by strategically positioning the brand in a way that meets consumer needs for increased product trial as it creates greater memorability by being distinct from competitors.

What kind of data and insights can I expect from this test?

From a Competitive Landscape Test, you can expect a rich array of data and insights pivotal for competitive research and formulating a comprehensive competitive strategy. This test will provide a detailed analysis of market trends, revealing not only the prevailing directions in which your market is moving but also emerging opportunities for market growth. It will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, offering a clear picture of where they excel and where they are vulnerable. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for identifying areas where your brand can uniquely position itself or improve upon existing market offerings. Such insights are invaluable in guiding strategic decisions, helping to ensure your brand stays relevant and competitive in a dynamic market environment.

How much does a competitive landscape test cost?

The Competitive Landscape Test is an integral component of our Path to Performance™ process, serving as a cornerstone for gaining competitive intelligence through detailed competitive analysis. This test is tailored to each project's unique requirements, with costs ranging from $25,000 to $500,000, depending on the scope and depth of the brand development project. It provides critical insights that inform strategic decisions across various stages of brand development and marketing strategy formulation.

How Long Does a competitive landscape test take?

A Competitive Landscape Test typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete, as it may involve several rounds of testing and in-depth competitive analysis to accurately gauge the market and target audience. However, this test is a part of our broader Path to Performance™ process, which spans 4-6 months. This extended period allows for a thorough exploration and understanding of the market, ensuring that each step from initial research to final strategy is meticulously addressed to optimize your brand's market position.

What other brand development services and tests do you offer?

In addition to the Competitive Landscape Test, our brand development services encompass a comprehensive suite of tests and strategies. These include Trend Assessment, Retail Audit, Packaging Baseline Test, Consumer Targeting, and Brand Positioning. Each service is designed to offer deep insights into market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive positioning, providing a holistic approach to brand development and strategy formulation. These offerings are part of our integrated methodology, ensuring that every aspect of your brand's journey is meticulously crafted to maximize impact and market success. You can review each of our services in the footer of the website.