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Positioning Concept

Positioning Concepts

Explore diverse positioning routes.

Define multiple positioning routes by crafting consumer-friendly concept statements in line with your brand’s goals and target audience. Our approach includes developing a positioning map encompassing a broad spectrum of options, addressing all areas of interest, and ensuring testably different concepts. By examining multiple “ways in,” we help determine the most effective strategies to bolster your brand’s market position and promote growth.

To maximize learning, we create a map of a variety of positioning options, making sure we are covering all areas of interest, and concepts that are testably different

Positioning Concepts
positioning concepts
Positioning Concepts Route 3

We test brand positioning via written concepts to hone-in on the primary messaging areas of a strong brand: 1) consumer insight, 2) brand positioning 3) product description 4) reasons-to-believe and claims

Frequently Asked Questions

What are positioning concepts?

Positioning concepts are strategic ideas that define how a brand wants to be perceived in the market relative to its competitors. These concepts help in crafting the value proposition, brand's messaging, and visual identity to target the most relevant audience effectively.

What are the benefits of creating various positioning concepts?

Creating multiple positioning concepts allows a brand to explore different routes for how it can be perceived by consumers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to market positioning. This variety helps in identifying the most compelling and differentiated brand narrative that resonates with the target market. By getting to the best possible brand position, shelf performance and product marketing signficantly improve.

What is the client’s role in identifying and validating these positioning routes?

The client plays an integrated role in identifying and validating brand positioning routes by providing insights into their brand vision, values, and objectives. They actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes to ensure that the chosen positioning aligns with the brand’s overarching goals and consumer expectations.

How do you ensure that the positioning concepts are consumer-friendly?

Positioning concepts are made consumer-friendly through extensive, brand, competitor, and market research. These routes are also validated through consumer behavior analysis, and concept position testing. By understanding the target audience's preferences, needs, and pain points, concepts are crafted to resonate well with consumers, ensuring relevance and appeal.

How do you determine which positioning routes are “test-ably different”?

Positioning routes are determined to be 'test-ably different' by evaluating their uniqueness, relevance to the target audience, and their potential to stand out in the competitive landscape. This involves a careful analysis of market trends, consumer insights, and competitor strategies to ensure distinctiveness.

What are the costs associated with creating positioning concepts?

Positioning concepts are a part of our Path To Performance™ brand development process which ranges between $25,000 and $500,000 depending on the project scope. The specific costs associated with creating positioning concepts varies widely based on the scope of the service, depth of research required, and extent of testing and refinement needed. It's best to consult with the service provider for a tailored quote based on specific brand needs and objectives.

How long does it take to create positioning concepts?

The time frame for creating positioning concepts can vary depending on the complexity of the market and brand requirements. Generally, this component of product development involves stages of research and strategic ideation, which can take several weeks ensure thoroughness and effectiveness.

Do you have examples of positioning concepts from previous clients?

Yes, examples of positioning concepts from previous clients are often available as case studies, showcasing the various positioning strategies and the impact they have on the brand’s market presence and growth. These examples can provide valuable insights and inspiration for new projects.

What other brand development services do you offer?

In addition to positioning concepts, services typically include market and consumer analysis, competitive audits, brand strategy development, naming, packaging design, and performance testing. These comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum of brand development to ensure a cohesive and effective market presence. See the bottom of this page for a complete list of services.