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Brand Strategy Agency

We work smarter, to find insights faster.

Dive deep into the consumer psyche to unlock a brand’s true potential and reduce risk.

Stays green longer
New Substrate

Research shows most consumers want longer
lasting guacamole.

Show fresh

Fresh ingredients over illustrations will lead to
a higher purchase intent.

Target new audience

Research shows whitespace opportunity by targeting Millennial moms.

Chilli Can
Be Different

Huge opportunity to sell based on emotion not functional benefits.

bottle design
Sell Need State

Research shows a physiological need state strategy will win on shelf.

Your brand.
Confidently packaged.

Today’s consumers are complex, and traditional research is too rigid. We work smarter to find useful insights faster. Get brand strategy that’s a powerful mix of market research, real-world experience and packaging design validation.

Strategy Services

  • Exploratory Research
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Architecture
  • Segmentation
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Voice
  • Competitive Audits
  • New Product Category
  • Copywriting
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consumer image
Consumer Insights.

Understanding consumer behaviors so your brand and products meet their needs.

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Product Positioning.

Defining your place in today’s market using insights, analysis and brand expertise.

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Brand Strategy.

Be purposeful. Be transparent. Inspired strategy, messaging, and architecture.

They are uniquely able to put aside personal feelings and validate all of the recommendations that they give you.

Jessica Brown
Curation Foods

Consumer Insights.


Whether you’re refreshing an existing brand or rolling out new a package design in a disruptive category, we learn and define how customers perceive your product before it hits shelves.

Underserved Markets.

Anticipate opportunities where consumer needs are not being met.

Hidden Drivers.

Discover hidden drivers that persuade or hinder buying decisions.

Existing Perceptions.

Win on the shelf by understanding existing customer perceptions.

Key Benefits.

Understand and prioritize the benefits your consumers care about.


Product Positioning.

sanaia package design company

We assess the entire marketplace, from your competitors to your customers. Using research and consumer feedback, we pinpoint your perfect positioning – attracting new buyers while keeping current customers happy.

Overcome Barriers.

Find where consumers will pushback and overcome it.

Define Perceptions.

Guide how consumers think about your brand and products.

Create Opportunity.

Creatively mapping your product to user needs in new ways.

Brand Strategy.


We help you develop and implement brand strategies that purposely guide how consumers think and talk about your brand in a world where everything is shared instantly online.

Come Alive.

Be a living brand with a personality that people love to talk about.

Look Forward.

Create a sustainable strategy for future growth opportunities.

Be Purposeful.

Your brand is what customers say about you. Guide them stategically.

Stand for Something.

Established and new brands must evolve and mean something.