February 18, 2014

6 Popular Low-Impact Businesses and Their Products

6 Popular Low-Impact Businesses and Their Products

Western civilization has made it almost impossible to survive without creating somewhat of an environmental impact. Every year, the average consumer burns through about 17.6 metric tons of carbon and utilizes about 3,650 gallons of water, just from day-to-day routine.

But brands dedicated to reducing environmental damage and allowing consumers to contribute to sustainable change are entering the market at an increasing rate. Now, it is easier than ever to live within the current system, but also easily reduce the amount of waste produced or sent out into the environment.

For every picky eater and environmental activist, there are now even enough options to satisfy the taste buds and support a cleaner eco system; some of Smash Brand’s favorite products are shared below.

Ezekiel Grain Bread

As close to manna as any product, Ezekiel has created a product and a legacy that will likely live on for many years to come. The entirely organic, sprouted, and Bible-based bread can be found in many health food stores around the States.

What makes this product so great? Although it has a different texture and taste than most store-bought breads, all of the 6-8 grains and legumes (wheat, barley, millet, lentils, soybeans, and spelt) used have been sprouted, which makes them live foods, and therefore they are much more nutritionally dense.

Food of Life (founded in 1964) is the company responsible for the many sprouted, live-food breads, tortillas, muffins, cereals, and pastas. They are dedicated to producing wholesome, nourishing, and yeast-free baked goods that are also organic, free from artificial preservatives, and refined sugars.

With the health-conscious and environmentally conscious consumer in mind, it is a great brand that promotes responsible consumerism.

Field Roast Grain Meat Co. Deli ‘Meat’

Deli sliced meat is the coveted staple in most sandwiches, but produced conventionally, is less sustainable than most think. The meat industry is highly polluting and requires a large amount of resources to sustain the common world. Currently, it is estimated the US could feed 800 million people with the amount of grain used to feed livestock, and that in itself is reason why going plant-based is a more sustainable solution.

Eating faux meats need not be a traumatizing experience, however. One company, Field Roast Grain Meat Co., makes it an incredibly enjoyable experience! From deli sliced meats to grain sausage loafs, they are changing the way conscious eaters around the world attain their hearty protein fare.

Grain meat has been a tasty addition to many diets since the 7th century, and as the Field Roast website shares, has traveled around the world from China to be shared in Seattle by 1997. Such an ethically minded product was created by Buddhist monks, and continues to celebrate the boldness companies can offer in a sustainable way.

Annie’s Green Salad Dressing

You can’t go wrong if you choose any bottle of Annie’s delectable salad dressings. Partnered with a bed of local, leafy greens, fresh vegetables, and any other crispy salad additions, the many flavors of the more than fifty available concoctions will please any taste-conscious and eco-minded foodie. From honey-mustard to Balsamic, there is a dressing for every picky palate, and health benefits abound in the wholesomely produced product.

Annie’s Homegrown, Inc., was co-founded by Annie Whitney in 1989, and since has flourished into a packaged brand that offers many treats. The cheddar and chocolate ‘bunnies’ (modeled after the Annie’s pet rabbit, Bernie) are also popular with kids and adults alike.

Because the brand is committed to organically sourced products, recyclable materials, and healthy ingredients, it gives back in many ways. The brand also partners with many charitable project and organizations to give back and support a more connected world.

Consider an Annie’s product when dressing your vegetables, and you’ll naturally be contributing to a safer environment.

Kind Bar

When Daniel Lubetzky founded his company, KIND, it was based on more than just creating a low-sugar, natural product. He says the focus was to create a bar that was healthful, tasty, convenient, profitable, and purpose driven. Mission accomplished.

As the company has grown, so has the impact of such a kindly produced bar. Since the launch of the healthy snack in 2004, customers have logged more than 340,000 inspirational acts of kindness on the website. Because of its plant-based ingredients and inspirational impact, Smash Brand considers it a “no impact” snack for every individual to consume.

The KIND bar is sourced using only wholesome, unprocessed, and organic ingredients which support a nourished society. It has also been created to produce less waste. By indulging in a snack that is sourced from nature, consumers can easily improve their health and support a more sustainable world.

Treeson Spring Water

You can transport water with a sustainable bottle, but how many products allow you to plant a tree for every one purchased, and utilize waste from the environment to create the end result? The Treeson Spring Water bottle is like none other. We mean it when we say it doesn’t only model nature’s perfection, it embodies all of its many offerings.

The new Leaf water bottle is 100% sustainable, bio-degradable, compostable, made from recyclable materials, is GMO-free, and is completely plant-based. When it was formulated as an idea five years ago in the jungle of Costa Rica, founder of +Space and the rainforest water company, Carlton Solle, knew it had to be a product that generated no trash and left the world a better place through production.

When one is done utilizing the bottle, it can also be easily compressed into a leaf shape, then mailed back (with an already postmarked label) back to the source, where it is recycled back into clean energy again.

Finally, the rainforest water is purely filtered and tastes better than any reverse osmosis option.

This company plans on changing the way businesses market and package their goods. It is possible to build a business that goes far, yet still saves the environment.

Rice Dream Chocolate Pie

Even if you have committed to a “no impact” lifestyle, you can still treat your taste buds, improve your health, and enjoy delectable desserts. The Rice Dream Chocolate Pie is a like a slice of heaven, but in an eco-friendly, completely edible way.

Imagine Foods, the company behind the whole line of rice cream based treats known as Imagine the Dream, is GMO-free, supports organic ingredients, and was created with the health of the consumer in mind. Co-founded by Robert Nissenbaum in 1972, it has grown into a quality dessert company that offers treats found in many stores across America.

The large company sells more than desserts, however. Broths, soups, candy bars, Soy Dream products, and other all natural frozen desserts are all available for purchase in many stores now.

This brand’s products are sourced organically, are healthier alternatives for consumers, and are made uses plant-based ingredients, therefore production requires less resources.

It is now easier than ever to merge sustainable branding with an innovative vision, and these brands example just that.


by Kevin Smith
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