June 17, 2014

5 Steps to Take for a Successful Rebranding Campaign

5 Steps to Take for a Successful Rebranding Campaign

Perhaps no idea is more essentially American than the promise that it’s never too late to reinvent oneself. In our outlooks, we’re “free to be you and me” and taught to “never give up.” These optimistic tropes can feel a bit hokey at times, but it’s important to remember these essential myths (truths?) when girding your loins for an upcoming rebrand. Changing your brand image requires equal parts gusto and intestinal fortitude – as well as a smart and capable packaging design company to help you lead the design and rollout of new packaging.

It’s important to remember that a brand is not just a logo or a packaging design but the essential idea that comes to mind in consumers’ minds when they think of your line of products or services. Rebranding is more than bringing in a packaging design company to come up with a new way to box your whozits or whatzits; changing your brand image starts at the top of your company and filters down through all its components.

When you know it’s time for a change but fear disastrous missteps like the infamous Tropicana packaging redesign #fail of 2009, here are a few steps to take when successfully changing your brand image is the goal and failure is not an option.

1. Don’t Alienate Existing Customer Base

Whatever you do, don’t desert your customer base. Changing horses midstream may spook a few of your loyal customers, but taking care to prevent a mass exodus in loyalty means being contemplative about your rebranding mission. These types of decisions shouldn’t be made lightly and should include feedback from customers, key members of your in-house team that interact with your customer base, your chosen packaging design company, and other key players.

2. Keep New Design Familiar But Not Identical

Changing your brand image doesn’t mean scrapping everything that defined your brand from the beginning. A new packaging design should be part of your overall brand redesign rollout, but be sure you consult carefully with your chosen packaging design company to be sure the two key players are on the same page.

The new design should be similar to the old one in the sense that it feels like it came from the same bloodline; don’t make your new packaging design look like the bastard stepchild of its market-share establishing forefathers. A good packaging design company will invest time and energy into getting to know what you believe defines your brand and help you to rollout a new and improved design that feels like it shares some of its predecessors’ DNA.

3. Commit, commit & commit

As is the case with many business decisions and life decisions in general, commitment is the key to a successful rebrand. Be sure your whole team is on the same page and commit to staying the course through stormy weather that may envelop your intrepid new branding ship as it begins its journey away from port. Don’t be quick on the trigger with plans to abandon your rebrand if you see initial disturbances; these things take time. Changing your brand image is a process, not a one-step flick-of-the-switch reboot.

4. Multichannel Uniformity

Speaking of commitment, be sure that your company’s other elements are mirroring the changes you develop with your selected packaging design company. If you roll out a new packaging design but are running a website with the old logo and font, you create confusion among your consumer base and convey a sense of uncertainty about the redesign. Get everyone on the same page – that includes all of your customer interaction points.

5. Redefine Brand

Finally, remember that changing your brand image takes more than redesigning packaging or rolling out a new logo. These visual elements are merely artistic representations of the larger idea behind your brand. When undertaking a major rebranding project, remember that putting a new coat of paint on rotten boards is only a temporary solution. Your packaging design company will help you create a new visual representation of your company with a utilitarian purpose – delivering your product to the consumer – but it can’t fix a broken institution with a blurry self-image.

Before calling it the pros at a packaging design company, be sure you’ve done the internal work necessary to know why you’re undertaking the rebrand and what you want to accomplish as a complete institution. This will guarantee you rebranding success.

A rebrand doesn’t have to be nightmare. Going about the process the right way will lay the foundation for successfully reinventing your brand in consumers’ eyes and instilling new life into a dusty concept. Be sure to approach the process with seriousness of purpose, patience, and commitment to guarantee maximum success.


by Kevin Smith
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