April 8, 2013

SmashBrand Featured on the Cover of Packaging Design Magazine

SmashBrand Featured on the Cover of Packaging Design Magazine

It is a great honor to be featured on the cover of Asia’s leading packaging design magazine. Several months ago we were asked to provide a 16 page feature on SmashBrand for the May issue of Packaging Design Magazine. After submitting, they told us that our Formula Water design would be featured on their cover. Why is this such a great opportunity, and why should other design firms care?

Because, China is one of the fastest growing markets for board, plastic and paper based packaging. Asia’s share of the market is set to rise from 34% to 36%, with strong growth in China – overtaking Japan to become the second largest market with sales of $38 billion by 2013. This is a massive shift in the global economy and shows that Asia is a viable market for creative professionals.

The one thing we have found as a design firm is that good creative talent and good packaging designers are hard to find. Anyone who has tried to find great designers knows this. You really do get what you pay for in most instances. We expect, as the market for quality packaging grows in Asia so will their interest in North American based design firms.

Being successful in any industry really has a lot to do with finding a niche or a gap in the market and doing everything you can to service it. I’ve personally started and grown several multi-million dollar companies, brands and e-commerce sites. I’ve always started out trying to service that niche with outstanding products and amazing service. SmashBrand is the packaging design niche. We have big firm talent and better service for a mid level price.

We are not cheap, but when compared to big firms we seem like one hell of a deal for what you get. That’s our difference.

Right now I see Asia as a wide open marketing that no one is thinking about. There is a billion dollar market that needs talent that most creative are ignoring…..I’ll be hiring a account manager that speaks fluent Chinese, what about you?


by Kevin Smith
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