July 9, 2013

Migrate from Pancake App to Freshbooks

Migrate from Pancake App to Freshbooks

Pancake App is a great product, however at some point you might find yourself needing to migrate over to Freshbooks like we did. The problem was that we were stuck on Pancake App because we had no way to get our valuable data into Freshbooks without spending 3 weeks duplicating the data.  There was no real way to export data from pancake app and import into Freshbooks.


We decided that it was that important, so we developed our own solution to migrate the data to Freshbooks using their API.

This “tool” worked so well, that we are confident that it could work for others just as well. If you need help migrating your data from Pancake App over to FreshBooks just contact us here.

Pancake app to Freshbooks migration service

We just need your MySQL data, and your Freshbooks API key and can transfer this data:

  • All Clients
  • Estimates
  • Invoices (including itemized rows)
  • Payments

We didn’t bother getting any of the project stuff or proposals. But after running the script, Freshbooks has a 100% copy of your Pancake App data ready to use. It has the proper timestamps and everything, and you can literally turn off Pancake App and start using Freshbooks immediately.

If you are interested in having us run this service please contact Michael (michael@smashbrand.com) for the script.


by Kevin Smith
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