June 3, 2014

4 Inspiring Label Designs Based on Product Names

4 Inspiring Label Designs Based on Product Names

A graphic, labeling and packaging design company will take its design cues from its clients’ brand culture. If it is a boutique, family-owned brand, the design will reflect that by incorporating familial elements into the overall aesthetic. If the brand is a strong corporate entity, then the logo will represent stability, trustworthiness and endurance. If the brand is “Kardashian,” then the logo might involve litigation.

Of course, if either the brand name or the name of the line within that brand is especially evocative, a graphic or packaging design company would be foolish to ignore it. Take… oh, just purely for example’s sake, Fighting Eagle Vodka. Fighting Eagle Vodka just happens to have been designed by little old us, but it is nonetheless relevant due to the incorporation of highly patriotic American iconography. Heaven knows, vodka is American to the very backbone. Just trust us on this.

Optimizing or even changing your brand image can be as simple as merging the brand name with the label design in a nearly literal way; it is an effective way to add a bit of whimsy and freshness to an otherwise tired and stogy aesthetic. It is also a clear way to convey self-awareness; the name of the brand and/or the product line was given for a reason, and a darned good reason, at that. Here are a few examples of how using a brand name within a labeling or packaging design can be highly effective.

Boxhead Wine

What could be more obvious than the integration of boxes on a wine brand called “Boxhead?” Well, obvious or no, this label is probably one of the most interesting and graphically impressive wine labels we’ve seen. It manages to be intricate, complex and detailed while remaining thoroughly harmonious — no eye fatigue here (not easy). It’s highly engaging, fun and yet completely confident. These designers certainly thought outside the box on this one [Ha! Rim shot!].



This label design concept uses solar and lunar symbology; the white wines were given the white, daytime labeling (Durinalis), while the reds have the black, nighttime labels (Nocturnalis). This strategy even leaves room for a sunset/rosé design, but if any winemakers want us to elucidate further, they’ll have to write us a big, fat check.

Clif Bar

And now it’s time for one of our favorite energy bar package designs: Clif Bar! Yup, we’ve sung the praises of Clif Bar package and graphic design many times in the past, and we’ll continue to do so because it is so folksy, natural and unassuming — totally unlike any other energy bar package/label design on the market. And lookit — it has a cliff right there on to the left of the brand name, making it totally relevant to this article. Is there nothing this design can’t do?

Art Haus Lemonade

If you are looking for a beverage that is refreshing, delicious, and will make people think you regularly attend prestigious European gallery openings, boy — do we have a drink for you!

SmashBrand’s own Art Haus Inc. Lemonade beverage design is one of our contributions to the label-as-packaging-inspiration zeitgeist. The limited edition bottles were given individual, visually stimulating Arthaus design patterns that were conceptualized to enhance the natural color of the different beverages. The result is, we think, pretty darned stunning, if we do say so ourselves.

Changing your brand image might not be as simple as designing a suitable badge for your product label, but it is a single and quite efficient step towards rejuvenating your identity. It is important, though, that neither the design nor the new brand image are forced — the public can see through a shallow attempt to develop a personality quite clearly.


by Kevin Smith
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