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Michael Keplinger

Partner & Director of Testing and Insights, SmashBrand


Michael is a partner and the Director of Testing and Insights at SmashBrand, where he spearheads SmashBrand's Path to Performance™ process, a proven, data-driven framework designed to put high-performing consumer packaged goods on the retail shelf. In this role, he believes that packaging acts as a product's "front door", and is almost entirely responsible for shaping how consumers perceive and engage with the brand, ultimately determining whether they will buy the product or a competitor. Thus, he defines the testing methodologies SmashBrand uses to optimize packaging designs to align with the brand's strategic vision, ensuring aesthetic appeal and market viability.

With an educational background and an early career in computer engineering, he transitioned into the entrepreneurial space, launching and owning CPG brands and quickly discovering a knack for innovative market strategies. At SmashBrand, Michael leverages this expertise to lead the research team, focusing on a holistic, data-driven approach to market research, product design, and consumer testing. His philosophy centers on the importance of understanding consumer perceptions, a viewpoint he considers vital for the success of any consumer product.

At the core of Michael's approach is an iterative cycle of specific consumer testing and integrating the insights gained directly into the creative process, leading to optimized and high-performing packaging. This commitment to a data-driven strategy ensures that the packaging designs and branding strategies SmashBrand develops are not just based on aesthetic or conceptual appeal but are proven to resonate with consumers. Over the past decade, he has integrated an agile methodology and a proven platform for consumer testing into SmashBrand's entire operational framework, solidifying the agency's reputation for guaranteeing market performance.

With a unique blend of technical skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and consumer insight, Michael Keplinger offers a multidimensional approach to brand development. His ability to connect seemingly unrelated elements for innovation and his commitment to consumer-centric optimization makes him an invaluable asset to SmashBrand and its clientele. Under his leadership, brands don't just imagine the potential success of their consumer products—they experience it.

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