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Whistle Pig Farm Stock Design

Whistle Pig Farm Stock Design

Leveraging a premium, recognized whiskey brand into a craft.

Whistle Pigs has won several tasting awards and likely sits at the highest shelf of your local watering hole. Their recognition in the market is well-known among connoisseurs, and Whistle Pig desired to expand their line to a broader market with a new type of single rye whiskey.


Whiskey has been following a similar trend as other craft products, such as beer and cider. Consumers identify and associate the pride of the craft with the quality of the product. Whistle Pig Whiskey had all of that, but was not effectively communicating this to their customers through their messaging and packaging.

When Whistle Pig decided to launch a new whiskey to compete with Maker's Mark and Gentleman Jack to attract a larger audience of whiskey affectionados, they hired SmashBrand to develop a strategy and design to communicate their unique process and pride into the packaging.

The long-established logo had too much of a playful tone, but was recognized and established among existing products and customers. Our challenge was to refine the brand image while maintaining the distinct recognition of the existing brand. The new brand conveys a stronger sense of sophistication. This allowed us to design packaging which took many of the handmade craft attributes of their manufacturing process into the design elements to create a premium craft whiskey.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Image Compositing
  • Touchpoint Design

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