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Turning heads with flavors that wow.

Titan is a nutrition supplement company that recently revitalized its packaging and bold, bright flavor profiles in order to prove supplements can not only be effective, but they can also be delicious.


Walking down a nutrition supplement aisle can be an overwhelming experience, and trying to choose from a cornucopia of similarly branded supplement bottles is tough for new consumers. In such an oversaturated market, Titan knew their brand needed to stand out if their protein powders and workout supplement products were going to compete with big names in the industry.

Protein powders and nutritional supplements are products consumers tend to use on a daily basis. Titan’s goal was to focus rebranding efforts and new packaging designs on exceptional, exciting taste profiles users could not only stomach but that they could look forward to and enjoy. On shelves where de-saturated “manly” colors were slapped onto generic black bottles, Titan wanted to scream “we taste awesome and we’ll make you look and feel great” to stand out from the crowd of copy-and-paste nutritional supplement offerings.

With SmashBrand’s help, Titan completely revitalized their packaging design to boast vibrant, attractive color infusions and advertise delicious flavor varieties. Titan's new look literally pops off the shelf, and after drawing consumers in for a closer look the benefits and advantages of choosing Titan over competitors are spelled out subtly and cleanly to eliminate any confusion. Titan's rebranding appeals to both long-time supplement users as well as newcomers looking to get started.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Image Compositing
  • Touchpoint Design
  • Primary Product Packaging

"we still can not believe how the flavors jump right off the page into reality"

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