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High-protein snacks for adults on the go.

Introducing a new whey protein fruit snack to the active adult marketplace, SmashPack’s goal is to break out of their packaging and attract consumers looking for an energy boost with a great taste.


Breaking into the healthy snack market for adults can be tough. Trying to break in using packaging that has traditionally been used for applesauce, juice, and baby food makes doing so more of a challenge. SmashPack, the first company to bring a high protein fruit snack for adults on the go to the table, needed a branding boost, and SmashBrand (no relation) was ready to make it happen.

On top of introducing a new fruit/whey protein product to the active lifestyle marketplace, the branding challenge of ensuring consumers didn’t confuse the squeeze pouch design with a kid’s product introduced exciting market research opportunities.

We dove in headfirst, looking at all children’s squeeze pack brands, and found most were decorated with a variety of animated characters and bright, eye-catching colors meant to appeal to the younger target market. So, we chose to step up SmashPack’s game, focusing on less childish, more modern and minimalistic designs, with color schemes aimed at an adult audience. As a result, SmashPack’s sales continue to grow beyond expectations, and the product has been picked up by a number of national retailers.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design
  • Touchpoint Design
  • Marketing Collateral

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