Changing the way workers get their buzz.

Revivo is a company striving to revolutionize the caffeine consumption world, and their healthy caffeine-infused gummies are primed to invade the workplace and give workers the edge they need to succeed.


A startup out of MIT, Revivo is a company that created a product meant to solve founder needs. Simply put, Revivo founders were fueled by their caffeine intake, but they were convinced there was a better way to inject some pep than a gallon of espresso or jitter-inducing quick shot energy drinks. Coffee and energy drinks have exploded, and consumers are presented with a growing multi-colored rainbow of choice at the checkout counter. Revivo wanted to make that choice a little less confusing.

As newcomers to an extremely crowded energy product marketplace, with a product that dared step outside the drink-it-down liquid buzz box, Revivo’s healthy caffeine-infused gummies were primed to carve out their niche. They just needed a little help from the SmashBrand team.

While it’s also generally accepted that energy and coffee drinks are filled with unwanted additives and chemicals, there’s no doubt we live in a coffee culture. Knowing it might be impossible to pry the coffee from consumer’s jittery fingers, the opportunity instead arose to position Revivo’s energy chews as an alternative/supplemental boost rather than a replacement. Consumers will still drink their coffee in the morning, but we suggested through rebranded design that a Revivo chew may be a better choice in the afternoon.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Consumer Surveying
  • Packaging Design

"we still can not believe how the flavors jump right off the page into reality"

Director of Marketing

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