Protecting homes
day and night.

Phos-Chek has helped save lives since the company first began making fire fighting products for both large and small-scale consumers. The company aims to have its products work behind the scenes and on the front lines everywhere it's needed.


What does a company do when it wants to spread the word about its billion dollar, time-tested, life-saving product no one knows about? Bring it to SmashBrand to light a fire under consumers, that’s what. Phos-Chek, the makers of highly trusted, practically consumer invisible fire fighting products, has had their product line dropped from airplanes and poured onto forest fires all over the country. Phos-Chek products were even showcased extensively in the Soviet space program documentary “The Red Stuff.” As a company that literally saves lives, but a brand with zero consumer experience, Phos-Chek wasn’t sure how to reach customers who could benefit from their product.

Part of the challenge Phos-Chek faced was branching out and focusing marketing efforts on consumers who weren’t US Forest Service or firefighters already familiar with their products. Specifically, consumers were unclear what Phos-Chek was even offering, what their product was, how it worked, and if it was environmentally friendly. Fortunately, Phos-Chek’s challenges and consumer experience shortcomings were exciting opportunities for SmashBrand.

Through an extensive multi-phase market study and multiple consumer surveys, we focused on exploring, testing, and validating an effective product positioning strategy. The goal was to eliminate technical jargon to explain product benefits in layman’s terms, address consumer concerns, and position Phos-Chek products as must-haves for homeowners in high fire risk areas.

  • Product Positioning
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Image Compositing
  • Vector Illustration
  • Product Packaging
  • Consumer Validation Surveyingf

"Consumer surveying made all the difference to how the design turned out"

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