Moving from science to emotion to build a powerful wellness brand.

Joyful Wellness Co. has the consumer covered. CBD is new, confusing, and competitive. Joyful rises above by simplifying it's products into needs states and connecting with consumers in a fun way to weed out the competition.


How do you disrupt a fast growing market with hundreds of new brands entering every year? How do you get attention when consumers are bombarded with brands vying for their sales.

You have to be redically different and you have to understand the consumer. The CBD market took the country by a storm. It seemingly was everywhere overnight. Yet, brands were primarily focused on selling the ingredient with all of its buzz. Joyful Wellness had some truely innovative products within the CBD space, but that wasn't enough to get in front of the noise. After extensive research of understanding what consumers thought about CBD and why they were interested in taking it, we built a vision for how the market would unfold and how Joyful could skate to where the puck was going. The brand and messaging focuses overtly on the needs that consumers were addressing when they purchased a CBD product in an engaging, entertaining, and simple way. Simulated purchase testing against the two leading CBD brands showed Joyful Hemp winning 64% of the time. They are off to market with a highly differentiated brand.

  • Market Research
  • Product Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Consumer Testing

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