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Reinforcing the connection between brand and product.

We were given the opportunity to reimagine and redesign the worlds most famous battery packaging. It needed to have purpose, brand blocking on the shelf and impact on the computer screen to stand out in a sea of noisy options.


Duracell is an iconic, household brand needing no introduction. Despite the strength of their long-standing brand and quality of their product, they face continued and increased competition and desired to explore design concepts that could maintain the iconic feel of their Coppertop battery, while modernizing and refreshing the brand for the shift in socio-demographics for the next decade and beyond.

Duracell came to the SmashBrand team to explore various design concepts in a careful consideration of a potential packaging design refresh. Duracell needed to stand out from the increased competition on the shelf, and SmashBrand was excited by the opportunity to help usher the company into the next decade.

As is common with companies selling products in very competitive categories, it can be challenging for them to differentiate. Duracell's strengths are the trust that its brands convey as well as the quality of the product inside. Our designs focused on reinforcing the trust with their iconic black and copper colors and creating visual cues to drive the attention to think about what is inside the battery that matters and connecting that to the human element.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Competitive Audit
  • Package Design

"Smash certainly challenges the status quo. They will push you past your comfort limit in efforts to drive a true breakthrough experience for your brand."

Dan Cosgrove
Duracell North America

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