One shaker to stand-out amongst them all.

Cyclone Cup blew through and stirred up the functional shaker cup industry, and now the company boasts a best-of-the-best brand message and aesthetic aimed at fitness consumers of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels.


Cyclone Cup, the Arizona-based company carving revolutionary inroads into the shaker cup community, have positioned themselves as the home of the world’s best protein shaker bottle. As a bold business entering an oversaturated market with a new product, Cyclone Cup needed to make a splash to attract consumers and outperform competitors. Fortunately, with a new product comes new opportunities, and SmashBrand was happy to dive into the deep end with Cyclone Cup.

SmashBrand worked with the company to expand their focus beyond the current target market, rebranding and repositioning Cyclone Cup to connect with a wider audience. Working from a consumer base of gym-goers, we expanded Cyclone Cup’s branding vision to attract the wider active lifestyle customer.

Using the roadmap master brands like Nike and Adidas helped pave, we stepped outside the gym-goer box and looked for connections between Cyclone Cup’s existing consumer base and the ever-growing general fitness market. Highlighting the company’s technological advantages to complement strong stylistic brand messaging and imagery has effectively repositioned Cyclone Cup’s product focus to appeal to a broader audience. Sales continue to grow, and with the help of SmashBrand’s radical rebranding, the company is closing in on the protein shaker bottle icon Blender Bottle.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Marketing Collateral
  • 3D visualization
  • Image Compositing
  • Product Packaging

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