Bringing self-serve protein to consumers.

BodyShake entered the protein shake marketplace with the unique idea to bring their innovative self-serve shakes to the places people are working out. Their vending machine continues to make strong growth across gyms and exercise arenas all over the world.


Lining walls in gyms across Europe, BodyShake’s unique post-workout vending machines quickly cornered a market ripe with opportunity. Their protein shake vending machines caught on with the bodybuilding and gym-goer crowds, and in a fitness world where protein shakes are never out of reach it’s not surprising the BodyShake concept is making waves.

Recognizing the impact brand presence can have, and understanding there was a broader audience and a potential market beyond the gym-going consumer, BodyShake was ready to up their game and create a cohesive brand experience. With SmashBrand’s help, the company invested in a strategic push to rebrand, refresh, and reposition the BodyShake protein shake vending machine.

We knew rebranding efforts needed to appeal to a wider target audience without alienating BodyShake’s existing consumer base, so we focused on user experience and overall design appeal across the board. From the touchscreen experience where users learn about the product and first interact with the vending machine to the digital assets and tradeshow marketing material, a cleaner, more attractive aesthetic was implemented. As a result, BodyShake’s sales have increased by threefold and their vending machines continue to make inroads into the mainstream fitness market.

  • Brand Identity
  • Machine Wrap
  • Machine UI / UX
  • Mobile UI / UX
  • Web Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Image Compositing
  • Touchpoint Design
  • 3D Visualization & Illustration
  • Tradeshow Booth Design

"The massive scope of this project was handled masterfully by the amazingly talented Smash team."

Steve Hachenberger

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