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Powering trust for an iconic brand.

Duracell is a company and a name that needs no introduction, and the manufacturer best known for its batteries continues to power the little things so consumers can focus on those big picture moments.


Duracell came to the SmashBrand team as a household name in need of a shot in the arm to revitalize the brand’s look as competition increased. You know the brand, you know the product, but unfortunately knowing and considering Duracell your go-to battery choice don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand anymore. Duracell needed to stand out, and SmashBrand was energized by the opportunity to help usher the company into the next decade.

As long-running commodity companies often see, a decrease in brand loyalty and plenty of newcomers flooding the market meant a trustworthy brand was getting less attention. Duracell wanted to renew consumer interest while staying true to the Coppertop and letting their reliable batteries do the talking. Unfortunately, the outdated black and copper colors were going unseen on shelves now packed with competitors.

Not wanting to change a good thing too much, we chose to give brand packaging a new eye-catching color while still drawing focus to battery qualities consumers look for. What we came up with was a vibrant, new look that wasn't too new, a seasoned product with renewed appeal deserving of recognition, and an aesthetic that’s reinforced by brand longevity and a name consumers trust.

  • Market Research
  • Competition Mapping
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Identity

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